Our Mission.

As avid readers we love books – whether in electronic form, classic paperback or hardcover, or listenable as an audiobook.

Our mission is to translate English books into German and bring these great stories to life for German readers. We constantly try to find the ideal translator and the ideal editor for each book or series in our team – in the case of series, as a reliable team if possible, in order to maintain the same tone and style.

We started our work in the indie publishing sector and love the fact that self-published authors also bring stories to readers who would not have been able to get past the gatekeepers of traditional publishers.

Although all German schoolchildren learn English, most of them lack the courage to attempt English books. In addition, it is common in German-speaking countries for all TV series and films to be dubbed with German voice actors. For this reason, we still have a strong German-language book market.

Our services for you


Translation to german

We realized that when our team members are working on a german edition of a book, we get much better results when those members like the genres they work on. Therefore we try to match the ideal team member to your story. While we use technical help to optimize our workflow to circumvent common errors, we emphasize on the human factor and the language and grammar knowledge of our team.


Our team of experienced editors, together with the translators, ensure that not only the words are translated correctly, but that we can be proud of the end result. We treat every book as if we had written it ourselves. There is a lively exchange between translators and editors in our team in order to continuously improve quality, for example with extensive glossaries for collaborative work.


Occasionally the amateur software to layout your book isn't flexible enough. We have the professional knowledge of over twenty years of the leading desktop publishing software Adobe InDesign to create your book the best way possible. With dedication to show that this book is ›Made in Germany‹.

Cover localization

You have a wonderful cover designer at hand, but they don't have time to modify the cover for your german version? No problem, we have you covered there and can work with your existing Photoshop PSD files. Furthermore, we give you feedback should the cover be problematic in german.

Community support

Do you know what your foreign readers like? Answers in their own language! Our team can help you with that, providing support for e-mail and social media pages/groups to answer those life-critical questions like ›When will be the next german book released?‹.

Market consulting

No clue how to tackle the german market alone? With our knowledge of over 300 produced and released translations, we have insight how the german market works for indie authors. We have a network of indie publishers that may be the right home for your foreign rights, as well as service providers for audio book production, as well as print on demand and distribution of physical books.
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Contact us

Feel free to email us to the mail address below for a list with our portfolio of translated books or to get a quote taylored to your needs. If you want a quote, please also add the genre and the approximately word count of the book(s) you plan for a translation into german.